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First Responders Care.

A non-profit that educates first responders on issues in their community and empowers them to act.

Empowering First Responders to Act

What We Do

First Responders Care seeks to empower first responders to take an active role in their community’s resilience by offering accessible education and resources provided by a variety of diverse perspectives through an anti-oppressive, culturally sustaining, and trauma-informed approach.

In-Depth Training

Both online and in-person.


Built directly into our trainings.


Change through collaboration.

A Message From Executive Director Ali Rothrock:

why First Responders Care?

“When we launched The Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting for the Emergency Services course in November of 2020 from On the Job and Off, I hoped that first responders would engage with it and then feel educated and empowered to take action to help a child if they felt the circumstances they observed or heard warranted it. What I did not expect was the overwhelming response to a course like that and the desire from first responders all over to learn about more issues in their communities. Ideas for new courses kept coming to me and being suggested to me. First Responders Care was born.”

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